Welcome to this site about Web design. Here you will find all the information you need for your company’s Web site’s planning. Our goal is to advise you so that you have a better relationship with the designer after you read the information provided on this site. This is a Web design practical guide, not a course or a replacement to the creative, experienced and flexible designer’s job. Here we will try to offer you the basic knowledge you need so that you have a fluent relationship with the designer you hire to carry out your project, and he can better understand you. As this kind of job needs the parties to be as clear as possible when communicating their ideas, knowing the basic notions is very useful to improve the process and make it more efficient.

The designer’s job lies in the good understanding between him and the client. If the client is not clear enough when communicating with the designer so that he can mold his ideas, the whole process will result in a waste of time. On the other hand, if the designer has to explain everything he proposes, both the client and the designer waste their valuable time. It is advisable to know the key notions, so that you save time and money in the process of creating your Web site. With this practical guide, you will learn many things about design, which not only are interesting, but they will also open a whole variety of ideas that you will be able to use on your site.

In this site’s different sections, you will find specific issues about Web design. In Web design you will find a clear definition of this branch of design and its main features. Benefits of Web design deals with the way a Web site produces better profits, greater prestige and how it opens the doors to a bigger market. The proper use of typography will be explained in the respective section. Colors is a section where we will describe the use of colors on any site and the changes sometimes colors go through. Concept and corporate identity deals with the idea your company wants to communicate and how to do it through a Web site. In Positioning in search engines we will explain how to efficiently position your Web site. Finally, in The programmer, we will deal with the tasks of this professional, who has a key role in the creation of a Web site.

We would like to thank you for visiting this site and for choosing us to help you with your new project. We hope we can satisfy your needs and that we can rise to the occasion. We invite you to surf this site.

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