Many people think that, when a Web site design is finished, the site is finished too; that is a mistake. A Web site is not a design, but a code. When we see a Web site, we see a re-translated code; i.e., a design that has been translated into a HTML code and then translated again from HTML to images, so that we can see them. All computers understand HTML programming codes in the same way, and that language guarantees the same display of the site, anywhere. So when the Web designer finishes your site’s design, a programmer will translate it into HTML. This code is used so that browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, etc. can read it and display the created design.

The programmer's task is essential and vital for the creation of a Web site; there is no way to avoid the programming process. However, there are some Web design programs that automatically translate designs into HTML. They are not trustworthy, as automatically created codes are «dirty» codes; i.e., these codes are highly loaded, repetitive, with errors that affect the site’s browsing and are codes search engines find hard to «read». As search engines' robots do not «see» the design ?they «read» the HTML language the site has been translated into? a defective code will result in a bad positioning in search engines.

As we mentioned in the previous section, SEO’s are the ones that position a site in search engines. A great part of their work is based on the site’s code. The optimization, code’s cleaning, configuration of new links, etc. make optimized sites deserve a better positioning in search engines.

Hiring a programmer is vital. But sometimes the designer you hire is also a programmer, and he can fulfill both tasks; if you hire a design company, they will hire a programmer, even though in most cases many programmers work for the company.

The proper translation of a design into a HTML programming code is what guarantees the site’s right display in any computer, the correct browsing and the best possible positioning in search engines. It is not advisable to spend a lot of money in a designer if, in order to do so, you have to skimp on the programming process. Both the design and the programming of a Web site are fundamental, necessary and essential tasks that cannot be replaced. Both tasks should be professionally carried out with commitment.

They are different kinds of jobs and your relationship with the one/s in charge is different. With a designer, you need to have a fluent, friendly and constant relationship; you will try and make mistakes, you will exchange points of view and, together, you will look for what you want. On the other hand, there is no need of a fluent relationship with the programmer. A site's programming process demands less time than design and you basically have no relationship with the professional: he takes the design and gives you the code. As long as there are no problems, you will almost have no contact with him.

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