Positioning in search engines is essential, so that the money you invested in your site's design does not result in a waste. No matter how well-designed a site is; if it does not have a good positioning, it is worthless. There is a simple reason why this happens: 90% of a Web site's visits come from search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and if a site has not a right positioning, it does not exist. Some people think that by advertising a Web address on the TV, in the newspapers and in the products they sell, people will remember it. This is not true; nobody remembers a Web address (URL) if they do not look for it in search engines and enter the site that seems to offer it.

A good positioning in search engines means appearing among the first 40 results to a searched word that identifies your Web. This means that, if a site appears in the 130.432 position when looking for «guitar», the Web site’s position is not a bad one. If that site belongs to a company that manufactures and sells carpets, being in the 130.432 position when looking for «guitar» is not a problem; but it is if it appears in the 90th position when searching for «carpet manufacturer». Choosing the key words is one of the most important processes in positioning.

SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) are the ones that make this positioning in search engines possible. SEO’s change your site’s HTML code, its design, search for links, etc. so that your Web gets a better positioning. However, it is an arduous, long-term job. A SEO’s campaign results are shown six months or even a year later, depending on the current competition.

SEO’s work when your Web site is finished; both in terms of design and programming. SEO's work is impossible if the site is not finished. Nevertheless, if you decide to hire a SEO, you need to know that it will slightly modify your site, which will be hardly noticeable. Even though sometimes changes are more obvious. For instance, if you bought a site’s design with many animated graphics and hire a SEO to position your site in search engines, may be it will delete most of the animated graphics. This is so because sites’ positioning in search engines offer respond to the robots’ reading and «value judgment» when searching and examine a site, and these robots cannot recognize Flash animated elements.

As regards design, we can speak of Optimized Web design. This type of service offers Web designs according to the search engines' parameters, so that your site has a better positioning when it is created. However, this service does not include SEO’s. Many times Optimized Web design is carried out by the SEO based on the design you have. That is the reason why you should carefully pay attention to what a positioning expert may suggest. May be he suggests a change you do not want to make: but you should bear in mind the benefits that graphic will give you. Many times, a good positioning in the most important search engines is better, from a commercial point of view, than a good design. Of course, a mix of a good positioning and a good design is ideal.

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