Besides the obvious benefits of creating a Web site with a Web designer and not with someone who «knows something about it», there are different specific benefits, and some others which are not so evident, that this branch of design offers. In this section, we will explain the following aspects of Web design: e-commerce sites, Internet promotions, company’s façade. These three subjects, which are not joined by a connective, are heterogeneous but also feasible when we get to know more about them.

E-commerce is the category of Web sites that sell products or services directly from themselves. In these well-known sites, we will find the shopping cart we fill as we buy things. This type of Web site is very useful for companies that can sell products overseas. E-commerce sites are usually more expensive than the sites that do not sell products, as regards design. However, the profits they make produce a really interesting cost-benefit ratio. A company that decides to hire a designer to create an e-commerce site will have to take care of the site's and its clients' security. In these sites, users enter personal data and their credit card numbers, and that is the reason why they should be extremely secure. In order to get the desired security levels, a site and tool maintenance should be carried out to prevent information from being stolen.

Internet promotions are placed in what, in marketing, is called «promotion» ?i.e., promotion of a product or service. Your site can offer coupons or invitations to be printed and shown when entering a certain event or a shop to get a discount. This way, you promote a specific product or service and, as coupons can only be used by your site's visitors, it is also a good ad campaign for the Web site. If you have an e-commerce that asks people to register in order to buy, you can offer coupons and invitations only to those who do register.

As the company’s façade, a Web site is perfect. Nowadays, it is a commonly used mechanism: people hire a designer to develop a great site of a small company, so that it looks bigger and more powerful. This is an important advantage of Web sites. If a small company enters the market looking like a big and strong firm, it will make greater profits that, otherwise, it would not be able to make, even though its products are excellent. The way Web sites gilds a company is unique and priceless.

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